Our team unites the most experienced pilots from SOUTH TYROL

Fly 2 - paragliding pilots - tandem flights instructors

We have been flying since 1986 and are among the pioneers of paragliding! With more than 305 years of tandem flying experience, we guarantee maximum safety for your tandem flight! All our paragliding instructors are professionals with many years of experience in international races and with Italian and international pilot’s license (AeCi & FAI.) 

Fly with us and enjoy big emotions in the air!

FLY 2 the oldest tandemflight association in italy ... 22 years ago

On May 4, 1998, the FLY2 paragliding association was founded.
Founding members were Egon Prader, Armin Senoner, Franz Langgartner, Martin Bauer and Kilian Insam from Val Gardena. The aim of the association was and is to spread and promote paragliding with special attention to tandem flights. Through passenger tandem flights we present this fascinating sport to the public. Paragliding in Val Gardena began in summer 1986 and some of the flight pioneers, were the pilots of Fly2. In 1998, a tandem flight company was founded by Armin Senoner and Martin Bauer together with Egon Prader, Franz Langgartner and Kilian Insam. The paragliding club FLY2 was created.
FLY2 combines some of the most experienced tandem pilots in South Tyrol and Italy with more than 30 years of flying experience and countless flying hours.



Founding members of the FLY2 sports association.


  • Armin Senoner
  • Franz Langgartner
  • Kilian Insam
  • Martin Bauer
  • Egon Prader


Our "oldest" Franzi has stopped flying as a tandem pilot and was replaced by the young and very experienced glider pilot David Piazza.


  • Armin
  • Martin
  • Egon
  • Kilian
  • David



The FLY2 family has grown. Perathoner Armin "Hop" has been recorded in our team.


  • Armin (Hop)
  • David
  • Martin
  • Kilian
  • Egon
  • Armin
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This are the tandem instructors 2020

Although we have now been flying for over twenty years, the flights give us many emotions and joy.
Given the great demand for tandem flights in 2018 we founded the new company Fly2 Dolomites Srl.
Fly with us and enjoy unforgettable moments before, during and after the flight!
Your pilots:
Armin Perathoner, Egon Prader, Armin Senoner, Martin Bauer, Franz Langgartner and Samuel Perathoner.

We also fly in winter!

We fly all year round. In winter we are on the Monte Pana , above S. Cristina. We reach Mont de Sëura by chair lift and from where we start with our paraglider. Here is our winter video with impressive pictures of the snow-capped Dolomites.

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