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Questions about tandem flights in Val Gardena?

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about paragliding with Fly2 in Val Gardena so that you can enjoy a stress-free flying experience.

Do I need someone to bring me to the meeting point and pick me up?
No, all our meeting points are located at the valley stations of the Val Gardena cable cars and we also land near them again. Therefore, it’s easy to arrive and depart by car or even by public transport.
Do I need special equipment?
No, but we ask you to wear sturdy shoes (trainers or hiking boots, no sandals etc.) and to pack a thin jacket. Glasses/sunglasses can be worn when flying and there is room for a small backpack in our luggage. We will provide you with a helmet and gloves.
When can I fly?
Our pilots fly daily from 8:30 to 17:30 (when the lifts are open). We ask you to be on time for your appointment. We have to rely on Mother Nature and the weather, which can lead to time or location changes. Of course, we will notify you as early as possible.
Can I choose the departure point?
We try to accommodate your wishes as best we can. However, if the weather is not suitable, we may have to change the departure point. Don't worry – we’ll notify you in time!
How does the programme work?
1. Meeting point at the valley station (optionally on the mountain)
2. Take the cable car up the mountain together (ride not included in the price)
3. Controls + short briefing
4. Take-off
5. Flight over the Dolomites of Val Gardena
6. Landing near the meeting point
7. Presentation of certificate with free t-shirt
Who can fly?
Paragliding is open to anyone who weighs at least 20 kg and a maximum of 100 kg and can walk with us during the take-off phase. Unfortunately, we cannot take children under 20kg, as we need a certain amount of weight to be able to fly well.
How long does a flight last?
As we have to depend on the wind and weather, we cannot give an exact flight time. Depending on the type of flight, weather and personal feeling, how long you stay in the air will be decided during the flight.
What if the weather is not suitable?
We always check the weather reports and try to notify you as early as possible if there is a change in the flight plan. Please schedule an alternate day if we have to postpone the flight by one or two days due to weather conditions.
Can I have photos of the flight?
We have photo and video equipment with us and are happy to provide you with all the material on an SD card (cost: € 29,-).
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Then contact us directly!